recent news of tinnitus cure

Recent research from the USA has been reported by ENT-UK stating that a new form of tinnitus treatment shows promise. At present the best forms of treatment include tinnitus retraining therapy (… Continue Reading »

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winter 'flu

Now is the time of year that cases of 'flu tend to arise. It's important to get vaccinated if you're in a "risk" group by which i mean a healthcare worker, someone over the age of 65, someone wi… Continue Reading »

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ear infections

At this time of year, ear infections in children are very common. It's important to remember that antibiotics are not usually necessary for this sort of problem. Regular painkillers and good hyd… Continue Reading »

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Sore throats

Sore throats are a common problem especially around this time of year.

Patients attending their GP with this problem often ask for antibiotics but its important to remember that many sore thr… Continue Reading »

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Triathlon and Open Water Season

Although the open water swimming and triathlon season is coming to an end it's worthwhile remembering some simple ear related precautions.

Some competitors are prone to dizziness when swimmin… Continue Reading »

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